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Acing your Anatomy Practical Exams

Anatomy practicals cover a vast range of topics. While they’re not exactly the same in all universities, they do follow a general pattern as below: 1 Gross anatomy (soft parts) This...
how to nail anatomy exams

How to nail your anatomy exams

Anatomy is a subject with a lot of imagination and understanding. It is not one like biochemistry or physiology which can be memorized easily. For better understanding in this subject,...

How to tackle anatomy in MBBS first year

As soon as you enter the first year of your MBBS life, you are sure to face many difficulties. It feels like a roller coaster ride that just goes...
physiology wallpaper

5 Best books to study physiology for a first-year medical student

Physiology being a very vast subject has always been a hurdle for first-year medical students. But as physiology is a basis for most of the understanding of the working...