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MedMappers is an online platform created by medical students for medical students. We are a community dedicated to helping out fellow students across the country.

What We Do

The initial thought behind creating this site was creating an idea of reliable knowledge. 
I had a lot of questions popping up during my journey and I never found a completey reliable source to satisfy my queries and solve all my doubts.
Hence we created this site, completely dedicated to medical students of India, and we have students across the country interacting on and contributing to our blog posts.

As a Community

We aim to create a community where we can help one another with common problems we face during our journeys and provide comprehensive information regarding a particular topic.
We invite you to share your experiences, which can help other students in their journey. 
After all, as they say,
“ज्ञान बाटने से ही बढ़ता है”
(Sharing your knowledge enhances your own wisdom)

We have categorized our articles as follows:

  • Pre-Med
  • MBBS
  • Career Options
  • Supplementary resources

Lets Spread The Word

We request all our readers to share your talents with us! It can be anything you are passionate about- singing, poetry, dance, music, art, and many more; we would love to hear about it. We may also showcase your submissions here as well as our social media platforms to promote your talents!
Regarding any social issues or various concerns, please do let us know. We will do our part in spreading the word

Contribute to Us

Since we are a community platform, if you  have anything at all to contribute, that might help fellow students out there, please send it to us on the Contributions page or Just tap the Contribute button below.
We will review and try to publish your contribution ASAP.

Have a question?

Feel free to ask in the comment section under any article.
You can also contact us by the details provided in the Contact Us section.
Don’t forget to use the search feature, as you might probably have had your question answered.
We are, however, a continuously growing community, so in case you cannot find what you are looking for, do let us know!! We will do our best to have your questions answered at the earliest. You can also contribute to the website for the benefit of medical students all over the country.

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Doing my MBBS in India Graduation 2024

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Doing my MBBS in India Graduation 2024